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Qualifications of Membership

Please help us to process your application quickly, fill in all fields on the application form and supply as much information as possible.

For your information applications for membership in the association require the applicant to show that they have a website that is primarily engaged in the selling of philatelic material on the Internet.

Of secondary importance, (but which will be taken into account in support of an application), are those who have :-
  1. A registered selling ID with eBay or another major Internet auction site
    (complete the space provided on the application form)
  2. Your own web page stamp store
    (please provide your URL address in the space provided in the application form)
  3. You may also sell philatelic material by other means
    (these should be stated)
  4. You may otherwise be engaged in the philatelic industry, for example,
    as a philatelic auctioneer who also sells on the Internet,
    a philatelic journalist who publishes on the internet,
    a seller of philatelic material.
We also welcome dealers in philatelic accessories and literature, or an employee of a company engaged in one or more of these activities on the internet.

Rule 03 Ammended 18/06/2010 as follows ...

In order to become a member of the IPDA you should be a full-time or part-time stamp dealer who sells and buys stamps and philatelic material on a web site, an e-auction site or a buy-it-now e-store or you may be engaged in related philatelic activities, such as, online selling of philatelic accessories, valuation and / or certification of stamps, etc.

The IPDA welcomes applications from established stamp dealers as well as those who have recently commenced stamp dealing

Thank You

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