Member Qualifications

Membership of the IPDA is open to full-time or part-time "internet based stamp dealers"; employees / principals representing a philatelic company; "power sellers" and philatelists who have recently established a web site and have started or plan to start selling stamps online or through an e-store with an established auction site.

In support of an application, you may provide the following:

    • A registered selling ID with eBay or another major Internet sales/auction site.
    • Your own web page stamp store.
    • The sale of philatelic material by other means (documentation required).
    • Engagement in the philatelic industry by other means (documentation required).
      Examples include auctioneer, expertizer, or philatelic journalist.

We also welcome dealers in philatelic accessories and literature, or an employee of a company engaged in one or more of these activities on the internet.

Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors or its' designee.

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