IPDA Code of Ethics

All Members Agree to follow the Code of Ethics embodied below

By completing the Application for Membership form and becoming a member of the Association, all members are deemed to have pledged themselves to comply with this Code of Ethics

To always purchase and sell philatelic material at reasonable and fair prices, giving due consideration to prevailing market conditions and factors and any risk that may be involved in buying philatelic material

To refrain from knowingly dealing in or holding stocks of stolen philatelic material

To refrain from knowingly dealing in counterfeit philatelic material except where the member has publicly and clearly stated that the item(s) for sale are counterfeit

To provide buyers of all material with a written description which, to the best of the members knowledge, accurately and completely describes the condition, identification and specification of the items for sale

To be truthful in all dealings with sellers and buyers and in all advertising and displays of philatelic material

When requested, to give customers advice on philatelic matters which is to the best of the members knowledge is correct, and to refrain from making false or misleading statements, and to always refer the customer to another source of information, when the matter is not the members area of knowledge or expertise

To publicly guarantee a full refund of the purchase price of any philatelic material purchased whenever a customer expresses dissatisfaction with the material supplied.

That I, (the member), will conduct myself so as not to bring discredit to the Association or to diminish the prestige of the membership therein.