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Great Britain


         Philatelic Media Wiki

A free philatelic information wiki
Editing is done only by trusted dealers and collectors
Language of Stamps

         The Language of Stamps

The 'secret' messages added to letters and postcards by the possition and placement of the postage stamps

Post Office Orders
         PDF files of the USA Post Office daily bulletin relating to postal services
Indexed in date order for research
RF overprints
         RF overprints
         Glen Allen - Star pre-cancel
Stamp album
         Printable National Liberation Front (Vietcong) Stamp Album Pages in PDF format
1 ... Full colour version with all stamp images - 13.5Mb
2 ... Standard version - as above but without stamp images - 195Kb

The printable album contains pages for all the stamps issued for the Vietcong forces in South Vietnam during 1963-1976.
The pages of the full version are fully illustrated by high resolution images and include spaces for the stamps.
The standard version has spaces without the illustrations.
The album contains short introduction and each stamp is accompanied by a short description.
The pages fit to A4 paper size so you can print them in your home printer and mount your stamps.
Note: when printing the pages, please choose "none" under "Page Scaling" in your printer instructions
(Otherwise, the stamp frames will not be the correct size).
Supplied with thank by Eli Moallem - (eli573 (at)
SG Pt 1 - 1912
         PDF of the Stanley Gibbons catalogue - 1912 - 21.5Mb
Stamps of the British Empire
         On line Philatelic Translator

The most common philatelic words and terms translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Includes the common colours and numbers encountered.
On this day
         On This Day in Philatelic History

The details in this section provide some information on todays date
The details change daily and thus provide a snapshot of philatelic history and related events.

         The perfect Perpetual Calendar

Each year shown in full for postal history research
Useful for checking Sunday dates, transit periods etc