About the IPDA

The IPDA, is a non profit organisation, which was formed on the 23rd February 2002 , by a group of individuals with the main intention to allow stamp collectors to trade and interact, (with other collectors and dealers) with confidence to make the Internet a safer place to trade.

After fives years of steady growth, the IPDA was incorporated in the state of Florida USA, (on 28th February 2007).

We now have the new title of
The Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Incorporated or The IPDA

We are now finding that by becoming a member of the Association, and trading under a set Code of Ethics, this is strengthening the bond between the Internet stamp collecting / dealing community and our name is now beginning to be known and respected throughout the online stamp collecting community.

Members who trade under the IPDA banner are fully committed to promoting philately on the Internet, as in addition we promote our individual members businesses. We also allow our members to display our well known logo.

Our eventual goal is to make the Internet a safer and more secure place for philatelists to trade. Not only to buy material, but also for collectors and dealers to sell to each other with confidence.

We are finding it makes a big difference to collectors just to know that they are dealing with an honest and bonified person who trades under the fore mentioned Code of Ethics set down by the Association. This in turn is showing up in statistics of more online sales for our members.

Another benefit of the association is to keep members informed about Events and Happenings, which affect the philatelic industry. Also to cooperate with other philatelic associations and groups representing dealers and collectors over matters of interest to our members which affect their businesses. This we feel this can only be good in the long term and it is a progressing benefit to our hobby.

If you are an internet philatelic dealer, or sell stamps via an online auction and are interested in becoming a member, to apply for membership, please fill in our online Application Form.

Statement of Purpose

The Internet Philatelic Dealers Association inc (IPDA) was established on the 23rd February, 2002. The Founding Members forming the Association agreed to the following set of purposes ...

  1. To promote the integrity of philatelic dealers on the Internet, and encourage the hobby of stamp collecting

  2. To keep members informed about events, happenings, changes of legalization and regulations which may affect the association and its members

  3. On behalf of members to liaise with other philatelic bodies and groups representing stamp dealers and groups representing dealers and collectors over matters or issue of interest to the association and its members.

  4. To keep members informed of changes to postal rates, rules, regulations and laws including taxation laws and regulations such as VAT and GST, import and export laws and regulations and the security of mail.

  5. To keep members informed of new stamp issues and changes in technology of production and distribution and retail of postage stamps and other philatelic material.

  6. To keep members up to date on trends in the wholesale and retail of postage stamps.

  7. To represent the membership in supporting or opposing the introduction of new or changed international, national and /or state regulations which may materially affect the stamp dealing industry, particularly e-trading and the business activities of the associations members.

  8. To publicize the IPDA and its professionalism and reputation and that of its members