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Reported by the National Stamp Dealers Association - 12 March 2014

Stolen items

Two items have apparently been stolen from the Seattle USPS processing center. Tracking for them [separate mailings] ends with that facility. If you should see or be offered either item, you can contact the National Stamp Dealers Association - or you may contact the Postal Inspectors directly.

The block of Scott #16 has report number CA116946985

The mint Scott #3 has case number 3962761

FDC Forgeries Warning from Tony Buckingham - 8 March 2014

The IPDA directors believe the seller to be user stampalbum2012 on ebay

A manufacturer of forgeries is creating some extremely good but dangerous forgeries and is selling them on ebay. To be fair he makes no pretence that they are forgeries BUT he only marks them as forgeries in pencil.

I invested 100 to give you some examples & it took me a few seconds to remove the pencil thus making me seriously concerned.

I have written to him asking him to use a permanent mark as I can see these items entering the market.

How about this FDC of the 1/2d issued on the 24th May 1887 not yet recorded. This is a very convincing forgery - he has used a genuine postal stationery envelope, then added the stamp & postmarks. If it were genuine we are talking a market value of 2000 plus.

Next, a 1901 FDC with HMY Osborne, Cowes CDS - superb looking, in fact too good. If it were genuine it would be 1500 plus.

Then he goes more modern with the 1958 Empire Games Mobile Post Office. He does point out that the card was not issued until later but a genuine one catalogues 1000 & it took me seconds to remove the word "forgery".

He also forges stamps. These Edward pieces are all forgeries - the stamps & the postmarks. My concern here is they can be taken off and sold as fine used to unsuspecting collectors. They catalogue nearly 2000.

So my 100 investment would catalogue 6500 if genuine!! These are just a few of his products. You can see why I am so concerned. I am also taking legal advice from Royal Mail.