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Dealing in USED stamps
Reported 16 June 2014

The following letter has been recived, so the IPDA now has it in writting that the dealing in used postage stamps does not cause a problem with the santions in place in the USA

It clarifies that philatelic material that is already located in the USA and cancelled stamps, (and therefore covers with cancelled stamps), are not subject to the prohibitions in the regulations.

eBay are now being contacted, asking them that in view of this clarification, they should lift their restriction on selling philatelic from the sanctioned countries that is not subject to the U.S. Treasury regulations


The following additional information has been received regarding the makeup of the philatelic material stolen from Robert Dion.

Dion and his wife were murdered and their stepson, Matthew Dion, who is a person of interest.
Matthew has not been seen since the murders.

One of the items stolen was a complete imperf sheet of U.S. Scott # 3420, the 10 cent General Joseph W. Stilwell stamp estimated at $3,000 to $5,000.

It should be noted that Matthew Dion has an active arrest warrant for possession of child pornography and there is nationwide extradition order with that warrant.

If you should encounter Matthew Dion, notify your local law enforcement authorities and also contact Det. Michael Lavallee of the Manchester, NH police department.
His contact information is:

Michael Lavallee
Detective Division
Manchester Police Department
405 Valley StreetManchester, NH 03103
Phone: (603) 792-5514
Fax: (603) 668-8711

The information below was published in April 2014

Reported by the APS Stamp Theft Committee - 11 April 2014

Stamp Theft & Double Homocide

On or about the 19th March, New Hampshire, (USA), stamp dealer Robert Dion and his wife, Connie, were murdered in their home in Manchester, NH.
Their bodies were discovered on the 24th March when local authorities responded to a fire at their house. At this time, Manchester police have identified the Dions' adopted son, Matthew Dion, as a person of interest.

It is believed that Matthew took one of the family cars and most or all of Robert's stamp stock. There is not a current inventory of what the stock contained other than a collection of Manchester, CT postal history.

Matthew Dion is a 38 year old white male, 5'8" tall, 200 lbs., with brown eyes, brown hair and facial hair. He is believed to be driving a 2009 white Nissan Altima with NH plate 341-0587.

The investigation is being headed by:
Michael Lavallee
Detective Division
Manchester Police Department
405 Valley StreetManchester, NH 03103
Phone: (603) 792-5514 Fax: (603) 668-8711

If you should encounter Matthew, immediately notify your local police and tell them that there is a person of interest wanted by the Manchester, NH police department in connection with a double homicide at your store, booth, show, etc.
You can refer them to Det. Lavallee.