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Copyright Notice
Internet Philatelic Dealers Association also known as the IPDA

           It is hereby asserted and notice is given that rights of paternity and integrity under the Berne Convention applicable to European Directives and the copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, to be identified under Sections 77 and 78. The design and material published on the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) web site is the copyright of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA).

           The design of each section and / or sub section remains the property of the webmaster who developed and wrote the code but under the control of the IPDA board of directors for the duration of its period of use by the IPDA.

           Stamp images, individual members images, banners, and link images / graphics are the property of the organisations and stamp issuing countries

           All design profiles, (other than the elements mentioned above), including original graphics specific to the IPDA (such as banners) and the layout of the websites are covered by this copyright. It is to be noted that The Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) are the sole owners of this brand specific property.

           Unless requested and agreed by the committee of current IPDA directors they may not be copied, stored or reproduced in any form without their permission.


           Logos and banners may be used freely by paid up members for use on stationary, and websites provided that the current year of paid up membership is displayed, and this also applies to members pages used and prepared for competative exhibition.

           The Committee of Directors

           Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) 2005 -2023
           (Applied for 10 years from the last revision)