By Law BL009.00
The Confidential List

     BL009.01 - Introduction

At the Annual General Meeting of the Association held on the 24th June, 2008, the Motion to establish a 'Confidential List' was adopted. The Board of Directors was authorized to approve and implement procedures to manage and administer the Confidential List and the Code of Offences.

BL009.02 - The Policy

The Confidential List is a vitally important aspect of membership of the IPDA. It is designed to provide members with a degree of protection from fraudulent and illegal practices that are used by buyers and sellers of philatelic material and with a simple approach for submitting names for consideration, coupled with a fair and balanced approach for the review, consideration and acceptance of a name to be placed on the List. This will be aided by issuing notices alerting members of the use of such behavior, and where possible and legal, taking steps to stop or avoid these actions in the future.

BL009.03 - Procedure

  1. The Board of Directors may nominate a member of the Association to be the CONFIDENTIAL LIST OFFICER (CLO) who will be responsible for holding the Confidential List of Names of Offenders with their essential supporting information in a secure and safe place as well as on the members only section of the official IPDA website. In the event of no CLO being nominated by the Board of Directors, the Board shall act jointly as CLO. This information may not be restricted to members only, subject to not breaching the laws of privacy and slander. The CLO shall also be responsible for maintaining and for updating the list of codes as necessary, subject to review by the Board of Directors.

  2. The CLO will display on the official IPDA Web Site, the Confidential List's Rules and Procedures and the List of Codes naming the unethical and illegal practices that the Board considers are unacceptable; The CLO will also maintain a copy of the list of Names of Offenders in the Members Area of the official IPDA website.

  3. The CLO will publish notices in the IPDA Monthly Newsletter bringing the Confidential List's Rules and Procedures to the notice of members and to encourage them to submit names with supporting information and the reasons for the submission as proof thereof. Notice will be published in the IPDA Monthly Newsletter when the list has been updated.

  4. The Confidential List will include the names of any collector, dealer, or business that the Board of Directors believes is unsuitable for doing business with. In addition, the relevant personal details of the person or business organization and a summary description of the reasons for that person or business being unsuitable to do business with shall be provided by the member making the submission;

  5. On receipt of a Submission Letter the CLO will allocate Code Number(s). (see List of Codes of unethical/illegal offences), and acknowledge its receipt.

  6. The Submission Letter is then reviewed by the CLO and the submitting member and if they are satisfied with the information and materials given the CLO will forward the case to the Board for endorsement that the name may be added to the List of Names.

  7. Subject to Step (vi) above being satisfied, a submission which does not require a Board of Directors decision maybe dealt with by the CLO;

  8. The Board of Directors, whilst considering a submission, may decide that additional action is needed, for example, non-members should also be alerted by publishing the alerts outside the Association;

  9. It is strongly recommended that Members should download and retain the Reporting Procedure and the List of Codes for their use and reference.

NB. Members are requested to provide as much information and documentation as possible in support of their submissions.. For example, personal information about the offender, copies of orders, invoices and e-mails with dates, facts and figures, etc. are all important.

If a submission is not adequately supported with information it will be very difficult for the Board of Directors to reach a decision. The CLO will re-submit the case to the Board for resolution when a reply to their request for more information has been received.

BL009.04 - Terms and conditions

  1. The Association is not qualified to undertake any legal action or police action on behalf of its members, but the Association will offer advice when it believes this is needed or requested. The Association advises members to obtain legal advice and / or police assistance when the IPDA where applicable.

  2. Likewise, the Association does not accept responsibility for any recommendation or advice given to a member in dealing with a submission.

  3. Members who have personally been involved in a Confidential List Case may request that their name and particulars are not publicized.

BL009.05 - Listing and search Procedures

  1. When the decision to add an offenders name to the List has been agreed and / or other action is recommended, a confidential e-mail will be sent to the reporting member advising them of the decision reached.

  2. An Alert will be made to members each time a new Name is added to the Confidential List. This will be done via the IPDA Monthly Newsletter.

    A combined List of all Names will be maintained by the CLO and will be accessible in the Members Area of the Web Site or from the Membership Secretary.
    This List will be reviewed annually.

BL009.06 - The list of codes

List of Codes used to identify different forms of unethical or illegal trading activities

Members are requested to use this Code to identify the type of offence they experienced when delivering their submission by letter to the CLO. More than one code may be used at a time if needed.

A1 Customer kept entire sending without advice or payment.
A2 Customer returned approvals short
A3 Customer returned approvals late
A4 Customer changed stamps for inferior ones and / or altered prices in approvals
A5 Customer says 'approvals not received'.
A6 Customer says 'approvals returned' but member says returns have not been received

B At Chat Meetings person makes remarks about others which could be construed as defamatory / slanderous / insulting and / or is a disruptive influence.

C A persistent time waster

D Causes problems at fairs and exhibitions when visiting our stands.

E Returns material without postage on letter or package.

F Lots sent prior to payment - buyer alleges 'not received'.
F1 Purchase(s) remains unpaid.
F2 Auction invoice sent, without goods, declines to pay or reply.
F4 Returns auction lots having removed or changed items and / or without payment.
F5 Removes items from auction lots while viewing in auction room.
F6 Buyer refuses to make payment in manner requested and / or gives bad feedback to eBay / PayPal.

G Uses more than one name / ID
G1 Uses more than one email address.
G2 Uses more than one postal address.
G3 Accommodation address not known.
G4 Ambiguous, fictitious address.

H Slow payer

I Payment promised but not forthcoming.

J Reminder letters ignored.

K Registered / RD not claimed.
K1 Registered / RD refused at door and returned by Postal Authority.

L Noted customer has a Police prosecution.
L1 Noted customer has a Court conviction.
L2 Received evidence of P from other sources (unconfirmed)
L3 Received confirmed evidence of P from other sources.

M Advises letter / packet refused or says not known at that address and original letter / packet is returned.
M1 Reminder letter only returned
M2 Letters returned by Postal Authority marked 'addressee gone away'

N Bankruptcy.
N1 Issued a 'dud' check.

O Seller sends material inferior or different from that ordered or advertised.
O1 Seller sends or offers forgeries, which are not as described as such.
O2 Member claims he has not received payment from buyer Buyer says he has sent it matter unresolved
O3 Member claims he has sent material but seller says it is not received.
O4 Dealer or Auctioneer does not send material after receipt of member's payment.

P Buyer absconded without making payment / no new address.

Q Very difficult to collect material or payment.
Q1 Threatening attitude when approached.

R Buyer fails to honor bids at e-auction.
R1 Seller fails to send material.
R2 Buyer says material not received / no trace
R3 Buyer has high bad feed back at eBay and / or other e-auction sites.
R4 Buyer gives malicious feedback at eBay and / or other e-auction sites.
R5 Buyer fails to return original merchandise which he claimed was not what he had ordered or was faulty and had been replaced by a second sending.

S Treat with extreme caution /unreliable