By Law BL005.00
Library Policy

     The Association will establish an On-line Reference Library. (A separate self- funding Lending Library is planned for the future).

Both Libraries will collect and hold material for member stamp dealers, from beginner to advanced levels of experience. The Libraries prime purpose is to be a source of information on Philately and other subjects considered relevant and helpful for the conduct of an internet based stamp dealer's business. The On-line Library will be displayed on the IPDA web site.


  1. The On-Line Reference Library will hold a range of material covering Philately; Stamp Dealing (buying and selling, marketing, e-commerce, internet auctions, stock inventory systems, philatelic software, etc., accounting systems; Computers and Information Technology; Web site design and development; Customs Regulations and Rules; Postal Administrations and country postal rates); Internet Web Security; and "How To Reference" materials. All reference material will be located in the Member's Area of the IPDA Website. Material may be downloaded by members except where distribution it is restricted by copyright.

    The On-Line Reference Library will be administered by the Webmaster.

    Members are invited to contribute reference material for inclusion in the library by sending them to the Web Master

  2. TheLending Library will hold and lend on request philatelic material comprising technical and general literature to members. It will be administered by the Librarian and after the initial set up will operate as a separate self-funding operation of the Association.

    The Library will hold books and other media purchased or gifted to the Association. The material held in the library will cover a range of subjects similar to that held by the Reference Library. It may also hold material forming training/development courses for stamp dealers.