By Law BL004.10
Job Description - Librarian

  1. reports to the Board of Directors through the Chair Person
  2. is responsible for the management and operation of the association's Lending  Library
  3. will open and maintain on behalf of the Association a Savings Bank account to hold Library receipts.
    The Librarian will maintain a Cash Book and submit a quarterly and end of year I & E Statement to the Board and to the Treasurer for inclusion in the audited accounts
    Will forward to the Treasurer invoices and other documents describing new acquisitions to the Library which become Association owned assets for inclusion in the Association's accounts
  4. shall keep two inventories of the books and reference material held in the lending Library;
    the first inventory will list all Association owned books and reference works;
    the second inventory will list all books and reference works which have been loaned to the Association.
  5. will maintain an updated computerised  listing of all material available for loan and on loan to members; the list of material available for loan shall be displayed on the web site for the benefit of members
  6. will allow members to borrow books, for a maximum period of six weeks from date of mailing, or receive copies / scans of parts of books, either by the internet or in hard copy form
  7. will ensure that the maximum number of pages of a book that maybe copied / scanned at any one time does not exceed 20 pages or 10% of the book's total content, whichever is the lesser
    (in accordance with copyright laws)