By Law BL004.09
Job Description - Publicity Officer

  1. is responsible to the Chair Person and the Board for public relations, publicity and marketing activities of the association
  2. monitor public opinion concerning philately and stamp dealing in general and the IPDA in particular
  3. develops and implements communication and promotion strategies for the association
  4. advises the Board about communication issues, recommends communication strategies and seeks their approval to implement these
  5. prepares  PR / Publicity / Marketing programs, plans and cost budgets for Item 4 above, and seeks approval of these through the Annual Business Planning process
  6. represents the association and participates with other similar organizations and special interest groups in issues raised by respective governments at national or local level which are of special interest to this association
  7. responds to enquiries from the media, arranges interviews with journalists, prepares and distributes news releases
  8. contributes to the Member's Newsletter and to the Web Site News Pages with articles and news items
  9. writes speeches, prepares visual aids and make public presentations
  10. identifies and analyzes the association's strengths and weaknesses in response to opportunities and matters of concern in the marketing environment
  11. sets goals for achieving expansion of the association into new regions