By Law BL004.08
Job Description - Webmaster

  1. Is responsible to the Chair Person and the Board for the management, maintenance and annual review and updating of the IPDA website;
    He will seek the Board's approval for physical changes to the web site's content and its objectives; and discuss new content and features for the website with the Chairman and the Board

  2. Will create the design of the website covering such features as, news, information, member services and images etc.
    He will recommend to the Board the production methods needed to develop and operate the website, including any software programs required;
    He will monitor the efficiency of the website Hosting Service and the Domain Name registration service and will recommend to the Board changes where these appears desirable
    The Web Master will advise the cost of carrying out these service

  3. Liaises with the Editor of the Member's Monthly Newsletter and the PR / Publicity / Marketing Officer regarding the inclusion of content on the website which require their contribution or participation

  4. Develops a technical plan for the website and ways of promoting it online to achieve maximum readership levels and visitors to the site

  5. Is responsible to ensure that all content on the web site are of a philatelic nature or are Association matters only