By Law BL004.06
Job Description - Membership Secretary

  1. be a Regional Representative / Director of the Board OR
    a member of the association appointed to this position in an ex officio capacity
  2. maintain the membership list; receive and acknowledge applications for membership (with a copy to the Treasurer)
  3. circulates applications for consideration  to the Board Directors and collects the decisions of the Directors concerning each application for membership.
    Advises applicant of the result.
    If successful,  informs the applicant what fee is due and how it should be paid (a copy of the letter is sent to the Treasurer)
  4. once each month, forwards a Summary of Applications (Form 008) which are under consideration or are being processed to the Directors
  5. on receipt of an advice with the combined receipt / membership card for the new member from the Treasurer, sends by email a formal Letter of Welcome (Form BL009), and informs the Web Master and the Editor of the new member's membership number and email address so that they may update their membership records
  6. acknowledges and deals with complaints concerning membership matters; passes other complaints to the appropriate Association Officer for attention
  7. upon receiving  advice from the Treasurer that a member's renewal of membership is one month overdue and again when it is more than two months overdue, the Membership Secretary will send a Reminder to the member. If the member is still overdue after three months, he will advise the member that his membership may be suspended pending payment of the membership fee.
    If the member remains overdue for more than four months the Membership Secretary will recommend cancellation of membership to the Board of Directors unless there are exceptional circumstances that should be taken into account