By Law BL004.05
Job Description - Treasurer

  1. is a Regional Representative and Board Director OR
    is a member of the association appointed to carry out the duties of the Treasurer as an ex officio member of the Board and as a member of the Executive Committee reporting to Chairman
  2. organizes the preparation of and monitors progress of the annual business plan and financial budget
  3. maintains the Association's books of account
  4. prepares and submits quarterly Income and Expenditure Statements to the Board of Directors
  5. provides the Honorary Auditor with the Yearly Final Accounts and Balance Sheet for audit. Ensures that all documents, Bank Statements and Paypal Statements required by the Auditor are made available
  6. produces and presents the Annual Financial Report to the Annual General Meeting
  7. accounts for all monies received
  8. settles accounts for payment promptly
  9. supervises and brings to account any cash floats / advance accounts held by officers of the Association
  10. ensures the preservation and safe custody of financial records in accordance with the Constitution