By Law BL004.04
Job Description - Association Secretary

  1. be a Regional Representative and Board Director OR a member of the association appointed to this position in an ex officio capacity reporting to the Chairman of the Board
  2. prepare the agenda for all meetings of the Board of Directors in consultation with the Chair Person
  3. make arrangements including venue, date, times of Board meetings and of Chat meetings
  4. send adequate notice of the meetings (usually not less one week in advance)
  5. collect, collate and distribute reports from officer bearers for Board meetings
  6. call for and receive nominations for election Director and / orOffice Bearer
    1. for temporary appointments by the Board, and
    2. for appointment or confirmation of appointment at an AGM
  7. take the minutes of Board meetings and for the AGM / EGM
  8. write up the minutes of all meetings as soon as possible after the meeting
  9. distribute minutes of meetings to Directors or to the members at an AGM / EGM
  10. read, reply and file correspondence promptly
  11. collate (from the Chair Person, Officer Bearers, excluding the Treasurer and himself) and prepare the electronic annual report
  12. maintain files of legal documents such as constitutions, leases and titles, registration of software programs (duplicated with the Web Master)
  13. ensures that all legal and other documents and electronic records are duplicated on CD / DVD and that these are kept in a safe fireproof depository off site
  14. act as the Association's Public Officer liaising with members of the public, affiliated bodies and government agencies (except when the Association's registration of incorporation is made in another country and another member representing the Association is appointed to be the Public Officer
  15. with other associations represent the Association; obtain Association sanction for organized events; communicate information such as event deadlineetc
  16. handle bookings, entries and reservations; distribute updated copies of the constitution after amendments have been approved / adopted; draft amendments to the constitution as required by the Board; general duties assigned to him by the Board of Directors from time to time