By Law BL004.01
Job Description - Chair Person, Board of Directors

  1. is a Regional Representative and Board Director
  2. serves as the chief executive officer of the association, chairs the Executive (Administrative) Committee comprising the Chair Person, Secretary and Treasurer
  3. chairs meetings of the Board, Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings of the association
  4. ensures the Board establishes and maintains an annual business plan and financial budget.; monitors progress with the various projects in the annual plan based on reports provided by the Treasurer
  5. appoints Conveners and members to form sub- committees and new Regional Representatives / Directors to the Board, in consultation with other Board members
  6. serves ex officio as a member of each sub-committee and attends their meetings (optional).
  7. discusses administrative matters requiring attention with the Secretary and Treasurer, and others as required
  8. provides interpretation of the Association's Constitution and guides the Board in the application of the Rules
  9. monitors all activities of the Association on a regular basis and evaluates the performance of the Association's officers involved in administering these activities